Why 20-Minute Neighbourhoods Are the Future


Imagine a world where everything you need is at your doorstep – all your daily needs are just a short walk or bike ride away. This is the vision behind the 20-minute neighbourhood, a rapidly evolving urban living trend reshaping the real estate landscape. As seasoned buyers’ agents, we recognise the transformative potential of these neighbourhoods. They offer a perfect blend of convenience, eco-friendly living, and strong community ties. In this post, we’ll delve into the myriad benefits of investing in properties within these innovative neighbourhoods and how they strike a balance between contemporary living and sustainable property investment.


Proximity to Essential Amenities

One of the key reasons why 20-minute neighbourhoods are expected to outperform is their proximity to essential amenities. These areas offer easy access to schools, public transportation, shops, restaurants, cafes, and other services within a 20-minute walk or bike ride. For instance, Melbourne, Australia, has been working to develop 20-minute neighbourhoods to provide residents with easy access to daily needs within a short distance.

This convenience appeals to various demographics, such as families with children prioritising proximity to quality schools, working professionals seeking shorter commutes, and retirees wanting nearby healthcare facilities. As these groups are willing to pay a premium for properties that meet their needs, investing in 20-minute neighbourhoods can offer substantial returns.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living

As environmental concerns continue to rise, more people are becoming aware of the need for sustainable living. For example, 20-minute neighbourhoods promote eco-friendly lifestyles by reducing the reliance on cars and fostering walking, cycling, and public transportation usage. The Urban Land Institute’s research shows that compact, walkable neighbourhoods can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45%.

Many 20-minute neighbourhoods also incorporate green initiatives like energy-efficient buildings, solar panels, and green roofs. These sustainable features can increase the value of properties in these neighbourhoods and attract eco-conscious buyers.


Strong Local Economy

A well-planned 20-minute neighbourhood cultivates a stable local economy with diverse businesses and job opportunities. By seamlessly integrating residential, commercial, and retail spaces, these neighbourhoods create an environment where residents can live, work, and play within proximity, ultimately minimising commute times and enhancing the area’s appeal. For instance, Newcastle, NSW, has experienced significant economic growth due to its strategic blend of residential, commercial, and retail spaces. The thriving local economy benefits existing residents and attracts new businesses and residents, further contributing to the area’s desirability and long-term sustainability.


Community and Social Connectivity

20-minute neighbourhoods are designed with community and social connectivity in mind. With amenities like parks, recreational facilities, and community centres close by, these areas promote interactions among neighbours and create a sense of belonging. For example, a study by the Knight Foundation found that residents in walkable neighbourhoods with access to community spaces tend to be more engaged and have higher levels of trust in their neighbours. This strong community feel can make properties in these areas highly sought-after, contributing to their potential for long-term growth.


Limited Supply and High Demand

Quality properties in 20-minute neighbourhoods are expected to be in high demand as more people recognise the benefits of living in these areas. Data from Zillow suggests that walkable neighbourhoods tend to have higher property values and are more resilient during economic downturns. As demand continues to outstrip supply, property prices in these neighbourhoods will likely experience steady growth, making them an excellent investment opportunity for homebuyers and investors.


The Synergy of Growing Incomes and Property Prices

A key driver for the potential outperformance of 20-minute neighbourhoods is the synergy between growing incomes and property prices. These thoughtfully designed neighbourhoods offer an unparalleled blend of convenience, sustainability, and community appeal, drawing the interest of affluent buyers keen to position their families in these premium areas. Furthermore, as these residents’ incomes grow, so does their ability to pay higher property prices, driving up property values in these neighbourhoods.


In addition to attracting higher-income residents, 20-minute neighbourhoods provide the added advantage of reduced commute times and easy access to essential amenities. This lifestyle perk translates into increased disposable income for residents, who are likelier to channel their resources into enhancing their properties. The result is a collection of highly desirable homes that captivate the interest of potential buyers.


Health and Well-being Benefits

20-minute neighbourhoods not only provide convenience and economic advantages but they also promote a healthier lifestyle for residents. By encouraging walking and cycling as the primary means of transportation, these neighbourhoods contribute to increased physical activity levels, which can reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Additionally, living in walkable communities with access to green spaces and recreational facilities can positively impact mental health, reducing stress levels and improving well-being.


Attracting a Diverse Range of Residents

The diverse range of amenities and services available within 20-minute neighbourhoods makes them appealing to many potential residents. From young professionals and families to retirees, these neighbourhoods cater to the needs of various life stages and preferences. This inclusivity and diversity contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community, enhancing the area’s attractiveness to potential homebuyers and investors.


Adapting to the Changing Nature of Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a significant shift in how people work, with remote and flexible work arrangements becoming more common. As a result, the importance of living in a well-connected and amenity-rich neighbourhood has increased. People now place a higher value on essential services, recreational facilities, and co-working spaces within a short distance from their homes. The 20-minute neighbourhood concept is perfectly positioned to cater to this evolving need, further increasing its appeal to property investors.


Technology and Smart City Integration

Integrating smart city solutions into 20-minute neighbourhoods can improve efficiency and sustainability as technology advances. Examples of smart city technologies that can enhance the overall living experience in these neighbourhoods include smart street lighting, real-time public transportation information, and efficient waste management systems. In addition, by embracing technology and innovation, 20-minute neighbourhoods can further elevate their appeal to potential investors and residents, who are increasingly looking for cutting-edge solutions that align with modern living expectations.



As a buyer’s agent, we understand the importance of finding the perfect property for our clients. With their numerous benefits, 20-minute neighbourhoods present an excellent opportunity for those looking to invest in properties likely to outperform. Considering factors like proximity to essential amenities, sustainability, local economy, community, supply-demand dynamics, health benefits, adaptability to changing work patterns, and smart city integration, these neighbourhoods offer a promising outlook for long-term real estate investment.

By researching and investing in 20-minute neighbourhoods, property investors can enjoy the benefits of solid capital growth and a high quality of life for residents. Moreover, these areas contribute to creating more sustainable, liveable, and connected urban environments that can cater to the diverse needs of their inhabitants.

As the trend towards walkable, sustainable communities continues to grow, now is the time to explore the potential of 20-minute neighbourhoods and take advantage of the opportunities they present for property investment. With the guidance of an experienced buyer’s agent, you can navigate the market and make informed decisions to secure the perfect property in these highly sought-after neighbourhoods.