Newcastle: Excellence in Education

Stepping into Newcastle, NSW is to immerse oneself in a dynamic blend of culture, lifestyle, and a robust educational landscape. AllenWargent is equipped to ensure your family nestles into a home that meets your lifestyle needs and aligns seamlessly with your academic ambitions for your children.

The Future Begins Here: Unrivalled Primary Schools in Newcastle, NSW


Hamilton South Public School (Government, Average score: 546.80) Hamilton South Public School is a community cornerstone where educational inclusivity is taken to new heights. Promoting balanced growth across academics, creative pursuits, social interactions, and physical well-being, the school’s dedicated staff work with families to create a personalised learning journey for every child.


Hunter Valley Grammar School (Independent, Average score: 544.40) Hunter Valley Grammar School is an educational haven that serves students from Pre-K to Year 12. This institution prides itself on delivering a balanced and comprehensive curriculum supplemented by various extracurricular activities. Students thrive amidst top-notch facilities in a picturesque landscape, fostering holistic development.


Charlestown South Public School (Government, Average score: 542.20) At Charlestown South Public School, supportive learning environments are the norm. Students are inspired to become responsible and compassionate individuals with a curriculum that intertwines academic achievement, social development, and community involvement. The school’s teachers and broad program offerings underscore a commitment to empowering students to realise their full potential.


Belair Public School (Government, Average score: 540.00) Cultivating a robust sense of community, Belair Public School provides a quality education tailored to every student’s unique needs. This school intertwines academic excellence with nurturing students’ social, emotional, and physical development, ensuring comprehensive growth.


Newcastle Grammar School (Independent, Average score: 537.60) Renowned for a curriculum that champions academic rigour and engaging co-curricular activities, Newcastle Grammar School, serves as a beacon for personal growth and development. The staff’s dedication is evident in supporting students’ academic and personal progression, equipping them with the knowledge and skills for a bright future.


Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow: Premier Secondary Schools in Newcastle, NSW


Merewether High School (Government, Average score: 674.60) At Merewether High School, students embrace critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative learning, all within an inclusive setting. This selective high school provides a challenging academic curriculum and encourages participation in various extracurricular activities, nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Newcastle Grammar School (Independent, Average score: 628.40) Continuing its strong foundation, Newcastle Grammar School’s secondary division offers diverse academic and extracurricular opportunities, encouraging students to reach their personal and educational peaks.


Hunter Valley Grammar School (Independent, Average score: 607.20) The secondary division of Hunter Valley Grammar School delivers a comprehensive education focusing on academic achievement, personal growth, and community involvement, all underscored by state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated faculty.


St Philip’s Christian College – Waratah (Independent, Average score: 605.60) With a nurturing and supportive atmosphere steeped in Christian values, St Philip’s Christian College advocates academic excellence while providing diverse extracurricular activities. The school’s commitment to shaping well-rounded, resilient individuals is at the forefront of its ethos, preparing students to leave a positive impact on the world.


Macquarie College (Independent, Average score: 599.60) Macquarie College takes a holistic approach to education, delivering a challenging academic curriculum while fostering growth in students’ social and spiritual dimensions. The school prides itself on cultivating a strong community spirit and encourages students to evolve into responsible and compassionate global citizens.


Unveiling the Best of Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle, NSW, proudly showcases an array of high-performing schools, extending from primary to secondary education. With a delicate balance of government and independent institutions, each school commits to providing unique opportunities and unwavering student support.

If you’re a prospective homebuyer or a parent with a keen interest in your child’s education, it’s crucial to factor these educational gems into your decision-making process. As your trusted buyer’s agent, we offer expertise to guide you through the Newcastle property market, matching your family’s needs with a home near schools that resonate with your educational preferences.

Newcastle, NSW, is more than just a destination—it’s an educational hub, a nurturing community, and an ideal place for your family to call home.