2024 Property Outlook: Brisbane and Newcastle


Exploring the dynamic 2024 property market in Brisbane and Newcastle, this article provides essential insights for buyers agents and investors. With teams on the ground in both cities, I offer a unique perspective on how these markets are shaping up in the face of evolving economic conditions.

While Brisbane continues to exhibit impressive growth and competitiveness, taking back the declines seen throughout 2022, Newcastle demonstrates promising signs of stabilisation and recovery.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The dynamics of Brisbane’s thriving property market through my team’s lens.
  • Observations on Newcastle’s path to recovery from my local team.
  • Practical strategies for buyers in these distinct and evolving markets.

Exploring Brisbane’s Growth and Newcastle’s Stabilization in the Property Market. In my insights featured in a recent article, I delved into the dynamics of the Australian property market. This blog expands on those themes.

Market Trends in 2023: Brisbane’s Competitive Growth

This year, the property market in Brisbane has been nothing short of dynamic. Contrary to the gloomy forecasts that shadowed the beginning of 2023, Brisbane has experienced a remarkable recovery, with prices hitting a new peak. As I’ve observed through my team’s on-the-ground experience, the city’s property market hasn’t just stabilised; it’s thriving in a competitive environment.

  • Brisbane’s property prices have shown resilience and growth, even in the face of rising interest rates.
  • The demand for properties in Brisbane remains high, driven by a mix of local and interstate buyers.
  • My team in Brisbane notes that despite the increase in interest rates, the market’s response has been unexpectedly positive, reflecting the city’s strong economic fundamentals and appeal to a broad range of buyers.

These trends indicate a robust market. However, there has been some reprieve in November, with growth slowing to 0.20 per cent.

Market Trends in 2023: Newcastle’s Emerging Recovery

The Newcastle property market presents a nuanced story in 2023. After experiencing a decline in house prices from September 2022 to July 2023, we’re now witnessing a promising change. As of September 2023, prices are showing signs of stabilising and even slightly increasing, reaching around AUD 870,000 at an SA3 level.

  • This recent upturn coincides with a period of mortgage rate stabilisation, underscoring the profound impact of mortgage rates on property markets. However, the increase in November has seen confidence impacted.

Moving into 2024, we expect the Newcastle market to continue recovering, albeit slower.

Interest Rates: A Key Factor in Market Resilience

The journey of Australia’s property markets towards a 4.35% interest rate has been a study in resilience. The latest inflation figures suggest a stable interest rate scenario for the immediate future, hinting at a potential hold on rate hikes through the early months of next year. There’s speculation that global interest rates might start falling next year; as I mentioned in my featured article, Australia could see a prolonged period of stable rates if market predictions hold true.

Population Growth and Property Demand: A Balancing Act with Listings

Australia’s record population growth over the past year has been a primary driver in property demand, especially in a limited supply context. This rapid increase, partly due to the return of international students post-Covid, has significantly influenced the market. While we anticipate population growth may normalise over the next year, the impact on the property market is undeniable. 

In 2023, demand consistently outstripped supply due to low listings. However, the new year might witness a rise in listings, influenced by growing market confidence and more explicit expectations about interest rate peaks. Yet, this increase in listings might still not reach the five-year average as population growth continues to outpace supply.

For more on my thoughts about how this impacts the market, see my comments in this detailed article.

The Enhanced Value of Buyers Agents in Brisbane and Newcastle’s Property Markets

In the contrasting landscapes of Brisbane’s bustling market and Newcastle’s steadying environment, the expertise of buyers agents is invaluable. Their role extends beyond mere property searching to encompass a spectrum of benefits:

  • Market Analysis and Access: In Brisbane, buyers agents provide critical insights into market trends and hidden opportunities, which are essential in a competitive environment. Meanwhile, in Newcastle, they help clients understand the nuanced shifts in the market.
  • Negotiation and Advocacy: A buyer’s agent acts as a steadfast advocate for the buyer. In Brisbane’s high-demand market, they negotiate strategically to secure the best deals. In Newcastle, where the market is balancing out, they play a crucial role in ensuring buyers don’t overpay in a stabilising market.
  • Time and Stress Reduction: Navigating property markets can be overwhelming. Buyers agents in Brisbane and Newcastle alleviate this burden, offering a streamlined, efficient approach to finding and acquiring property.
  • Local Expertise and Networks: With their extensive networks and local knowledge, buyers agents in these cities can uncover options that may not be publicly listed, providing clients with exclusive access to potential homes or investment opportunities.

In summary, in Brisbane’s dynamic growth phase or Newcastle’s recovery stage, buyers agents are crucial to navigating these markets with confidence and success.


As we’ve explored the property markets in Brisbane and Newcastle, and examined broader factors like interest rates and population growth, it’s clear that understanding these dynamics is key. For further insights and a more comprehensive view of the Australian property market, I encourage you to read my detailed analysis in the original article.

Key takeaways include:

  • Brisbane’s market demands strategic navigation due to its competitive nature.
  • Newcastle offers a promising landscape for those seeking stability and potential growth.
  • Buyers agents play a crucial role in both markets, offering expertise, negotiation skills, and local insights.

Consulting with a knowledgeable buyers agent in Brisbane or Newcastle could be invaluable as a next step. Their expertise can provide tailored guidance, whether you’re navigating the competitive landscape of Brisbane or capitalising on the emerging opportunities in Newcastle.